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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2015): June 2015

Property Portfolio Performance of WEMABOD Estates Ltd

March 3, 2016


The contribution of an effective corporate property asset management to an organisation’s core business activity cannot be overlooked. It is therefore necessary to identify and characterise those aspects of management that contribute to an enhanced level of performance. This study therefore assesses the property performance within the property portfolio of WEMABOD Estates, Lagos, Nigeria. In achieving this, questionnaires were distributed among members of staff in the Estate Department and the Legal unit. Interviews were also randomly conducted among tenants and the technical staff of the organisation on the maintenance policy of the organisation. Data were also obtained from the company’s record. Data generated were analysed using regression analysis and ANOVA. Data presentation was through the use of bar charts, frequency distribution tables and line graphs. The results showed that the organisational structure of a real estate organisation plays a critical role in its investment performance. The study recommends that WEMABOD estate requires a high degree of consistency in the organisation to continue to ensure a reasonable standard of management.
Keywords: property portfolio, property management, property investment and real estate practice.