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CJPL: Vol. 7 No. 1, June 2019

An Application of Second Derivative Ten Step Blended Block Linear Multistep Methods for the Solutions of the Holling Tanner Model and Van Der Pol Equations.

  • Omagwu Samson & Joshua Kyaharnan Victor
August 27, 2019


This paper is concerned with the accuracy and efficiency of the ten step blended block linear multistep method for the approximate solution of Holling Tanner Model and the Van Da Pol equations. The main methods were derived by blending of two linear multistep methods using continuous collocation approach. These methods are of uniform order eleven. The stability analysis of the block methods indicates that the methods are A–stable, consistent and zero stable hence convergent. Numerical results obtained using the proposed new block methods were compared with those obtained by the well-known ODE solver ODE15 S to illustrate its accuracy and effectiveness. The proposed block methods are found to be efficient and accurate hence recommended for the solution of stiff initial value problems.