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CJOE: VOL. 5 NO. 1, JUNE 2021

Employee Task Performance Knowledge And Productivity Attainment As Innovation For FamilyOwned Business Survival In Nigeria

  • P. A. Erigbe
August 5, 2021


Survival of family-owned businesses is dependent on a mix of organizational variables irrespective of the type, size and composition of such organizations. A large proportion of family businesses tend to focus more attention on profits than productivity without achieving balance. Family businesses among others collapse for poor management of variables. The study objective is to determine the relationship between employee knowledge of task performance and productivity for the survival of family business. The study incorporated a survey of 20 family-owned businesses where data were obtained. A correlation and regression test was conducted which showed a statistically significant correlation between employee knowledge of task performance and productivity. It was found that managers and family business owners have responsibility to keep abreast of knowledge of work practices. In conclusion, survival of family business depends essentially on productivity which is tied to employee’s knowledge of how the job is performed. Application of motivation and training to employees in family businesses is recommended to boost productivity and longevity. The limitation of this study provides impetus for future studies on family business in other sectors of the economy with additional hypotheses and robust tools of analysis. Similarly, the study may be replicated in the educational sector which is growing in terms of establishment