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CJOE: VOL. 5 NO. 1, JUNE 2021

The Psychological Benefits Of Poetry And Its Innovative Use in Green Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

  • Benjamin Anabaraonye
  • Beatrice. O. Ewa, James Hope
August 5, 2021


Poetry has always been associated with intensity of emotions expressed in literary form with a sense of rhythm and beauty. This study identifies poetry as a valuable tool which can be used in promoting green entrepreneurship for sustainable economic growth and environmental safety in Nigeria. It also identifies poetry as a valuable tool which can be used in climate change education across various communities, cities, and countries in Africa. Climate change is one of the global issues which we must of necessity tackle with urgency in order to prevent a global warming too unbearable for the survival of mankind. The objective of this paper is to highlight the psychological benefits of poetry on individuals, communities and institutions in Nigeria. It further highlights how poetry is being used innovatively in climate change education in Nigeria to achieve the sustainable development goals. Through our literature review and participant observation, it has been discovered there is an urgent need to educate communities and institutions about the impacts of climate change and ways to adapt and mitigate for global sustainability. This paper is therefore very significant as it explores new opportunities, practices and benefits in the innovative use of poetry for climate change education and enhancing environmental health, environmental safety, sustainable economic growth and development in Nigeria.