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CJICT: VOL. 9 N0. 1, JUNE 2021

ETEASH-An Enhanced Tiny Encryption Algorithm for Secured Smart Home

  • Olushina Raphael Oluwade
  • Olayemi Mikail Olaniyi
  • Yunusa Simpa Abdulsalam
  • Lukman Adewale Ajao
  • Francis Bukie Osang
June 29, 2021


The proliferation of the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and its applications have affected every aspect of human endeavors from smart manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and transportation to homes. The smart home is vulnerable to malicious attacks due to memory constraint which inhibits the usage of traditional antimalware and antivirus software. This makes the application of traditional cryptography for its security impossible. This work aimed at securing Smart home devices, by developing an enhanced Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA). The enhancement on TEA was to get rid of its vulnerabilities of related-key attacks and weakness of predictable keys to be usable in securing smart devices through entropy shifting, stretching, and mixing technique. The Enhanced Tiny Encryption Algorithm for Smart Home devices (ETEASH) technique was benchmarked with the original TEA using the Runs test and avalanche effect. ETEASH successfully passed the Runs test with the significance level of 0.05 for the null hypothesis, and the ETEASH avalanche effect of 58.44% was achieved against 52.50% for TEA. These results showed that ETEASH is more secured in securing smart home devices than the standard TEA.

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