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Editorial Team


Prof Sanjay Misra

Editorial Advisory Board

1 Prof Sanjay Misra  Software engineering, Web-Engineering, Requirement engg., Intelligent software systems, Project management, Software quality
2 Prof. Charles Ayo  Data Communications & Networking, Mobile Computing, Software Engineering and Electronic & Mobile Commerce/Business
3 Prof. Aaron Atayero   Radio and Telecommunication Systems and Devices. Broadband Wireless Access Networks (BWAN). Speech Processing.
4 Prof. Charles Uwadia   Precompilers and Preprocessors, Intelligent system and Networking routing algorithms
5 Professor Seifedine Kadry  Data Science
6 Prof. Manju Kaushik  Software Engineering
7  Prof. Victor Mbarika   Management information systems, Information Sciences, Social Sciences, Business Computing
8 Prof. Ibrahim Akman  Information theory, Statistical analysis, e-government, E-Business, Graph theory, algorithms, compression techniques
9 Prof. Luis Fernandez  Information Systems, Information Technology, higher education research, e-learning, Education technology, project management
10 Prof. Ahmed Patel  cybercrime investigations and forensic computing, intrusion detection & prevention systems, cloud computing autonomic computing, Web search engines
11 Prof. Rytis. Maskeliunas  Multimodal, Digital Signal Processing, Human-Machine interfaces
12 Prof. Broderick Crawford  Knowledge management, Constraints programming
13 Dr. Alejandro Zunino  Distributed computing, Grid computing, Service-oriented computing, Web services, semantic Web services,Agent development tools, agent frameworks,Mobile agents, reactive mobility
14 Prof. Murat Koyuncu  Fuzzy systems, Networking, Object oriented systems, Information system engineering
15 Dr. Michel S. Soares   Requirement Engineering, Requirement engg languages, software engineering
16 Prof. Manju Khari Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things & Cyber Forensic
17 Prof. A.K.Triphati    Parallel/ Distributing Computing, Software Engineering, Fault-Tolerant Systems, Parallel Algorithms, Graph Theory
18 Dr. Hector Florez    Information Technology
19 Prof. Mathew Adigun    Service-oriented architecture, energy, e-commerce, software product line, Grid-based Portals, Utility Computing Platform
20 Prof. G.K.Singh    Power Apparatus, Electric Device, Power Apparatus, and Electric Drives
21 Prof. Beniamino Murgante   Ontology, Geo Computations, Urban Planning, Agriculture and Environmental Information Systems
22 Dr. José Alfonso Aguilar Calderón  Web Engineering, Knowledge Eng, Requirements Engineering,  Model-Driven Development