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Vol. 3 No.1: June, 2015

Optimized Controller for Inverted Pendulum

  • Lukman A. Yusuf
  • Nuraddeen Magaji
July 18, 2016


Stability is require in any control system, most system require controller in order to be stable. Tuning is one of the major problems associated with most conventional controllers in existence today. This paper addressesd the difficulties associated with tunning by considering an effective optimized Controller on Inverted pendulum for the control of the angle position. Conventional PID controller was designed separately, to validate the proposed optimized controller. A MATLAB script for genetic algorithm was written with the aim of obtaining optimum PID parameters that would stabilized the pendulum angle at any desired inference inputs (i.e. returns the pendulum to a desire point as quick as possible). This would be achieved by minimizing an objective function (Integral time absolute error ITAE). On the other hand, a convention PID controller was designed using MATLAB/Simulink environment; the PID’s gains were manually tuned until an optimum response is achieved. The results obtained in both schemes shows that the optimized controller proves more effective as compared to ordinary conventional PID controller, as optimized controller gives settling time, percentage overshoot of 5.02 seconds and 3% respectively as compared with settling time of 70 seconds and overshoot of 5% for conventional PID controller. Therefore, the proposed optimized controller can serve as a valuable and an effective controller for the control of inverted pendulum.