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CJICT: VOL. 8 N0. 2, DEC. 2020

Application of Genetic Algorithm to The Job Assignment Problem with Dynamics Constraints

  • Chika Yinka-Banjo
  • Ajao Kamal Abayomi
  • Precious Ifeanyi Ohalete
January 27, 2021


The process of giving out an assignment to an individual that results to delay, or non-performance of the job is from the cause of not evaluating the minimum cost of the work and the right person to perform the assignment. Assignment problem entails assigning a precise person or thing to an exact task or job. The optimal result is to assign one person to one job. The most common method to solve assignment problem is the Hungarian method. In this paper, Genetic Algorithm is applied to solve assignment problems to attain an optimal solution. The “N men – N jobs†issue is the core task issue, where the general expense of tasks is limited as a result of allocating a single job to just an individual. In deciphering this issue, Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Partially Matched Crossover (PMX) are been utilized as an exceptional encoding plan. GA was evaluated alongside the Hungarian method and the results clearly showed that it performed better than the Hungarian method.