Development of a Dynamic Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Sanusi Yusuf Audee, Muhammed Bashir Mu’azu, Sani Man-Yahaya, Zaharuddeen Haruna, Salawudeen Ahmed Tijani & Prosper Oyibo


This research is aimed at the developing a modified cuckoo search algorithm called dynamic cuckoo search algorithm (dCSA). The standard cuckoo search algorithm is a metaheuristics search algorithm that mimic the behavior of brood parasitism of some cuckoo species and Levy flight behavior of some fruit flies and birds. It, however uses fixed value for control parameters (control probability and step size) and this method have drawbacks with respect to quality of the solutions and number of iterations to obtain optimal solution. Therefore, the dCSA is developed to address these problems in the CSA by introducing random inertia weight strategy to the control parameters so as to make the control parameters dynamic with respect to the proximity of a cuckoo to the optimal solution. The developed dCSA was compared with CSA using ten benchmark test functions. The results obtained indicated the superiority of dCSA over CSA by generating a near global optimal result for 9 out of the ten benchmark test functions.

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