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CJICT: Vol. 7 No. 2, Dec. 2019

BANM: A Distributed Network Manager Framework for Software Defined Network-On-Chip (SDNoC)

  • Imeh Jarlath Umoh, Gazal Oluwakemi Marufat, Yahaya Basira, Adekale Dare Abdulfatai & Momoh Omuya Muyideen
December 17, 2019


In the SDNoC architecture; the performance of a centralized network manager (NM) decreases as the arrival of new requests increases. This paper presents a review of a Balance Network Manager (BANM) as a software implemented distributed network manager for SDNoC. BANM uses the principle of Software Defined Network (SDN). The SDNoC network is separated into control network and data network. BANM is executed on a dedicated core and separates the requests from the Network Interfaces (NIs) into local request and global request based on the distance between the source and destination. It uses Reqcheck to determine if a request is local or global, Reqreroute is used to reroute global requests. Local requests are handled by local BANMs, while the global BANM handles global requests.  The BANM framework is expected to reduce control congestion on the NM in the SDNoC architecture, and increase performance.