Counselling Services and Social Homes as Remediators to Challenges of Persons with Disabilities in Nigeria

Enefazu-Ossai Emmanuel I., Gesinde Abiodun M, Adejumo Gbadebo O, Adeusi Sussan O, Agoha Benedict C. E.


Persons with Disabilities (PWD’s) in Nigeria are faced with tons of daily challenges. These challenges range from stigmatization, discrimination, rejection and ostracization from family and friends; socialization problems, infrastructural deficit issues, exclusion and welfare needs from the society and government and also; dejection, depression, mood swing and pity from self. All these pose demeaning tendencies to their psycho-socio-cultural wellbeing. This paper seeks to advocate the provision of counseling services and also proper and adequate institutional homecare to help remediate their diverse challenges. It also tasks the legislature in Nigeria to implement policies and laws that creates enabling environment for her citizenry living with disabilities.

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