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CIJP: Vol. 2 No. 1, June 2017

Commercial Cyclists (Okada Riders) and Alcohol Related Problems in Delta State, Nigeria

  • Florence Omumu
  • Pauline Tibi
  • Olufunke Chenube
August 2, 2017


 Driving under the influence of alcohol has been identified in past studies and reports as the major cause of road accidents and other public health issues. Commercial cyclists (popularly known as okada riders in Nigeria) pose a great danger to the public in most part of Nigeria because of their reckless riding behaviours. This study therefore examined the prevalence and problems of drinking among okada riders in Delta State, Nigeria. It is a cross sectional study of 250 okada riders across Delta State. Two sets of scales were used to collect data from the various parks. The AUDIT scale was used to establish the prevalence of alcohol drinking while the second scale teased out the problems associated with drinking. The results showed the prevalence of drinking, their perception about the problems associated with drinking and the number of accidents they have had in the past. The regression analysis showed drinking prevalence and occurrence of accidents and other public health concerns... It was therefore recommended that the drinking-driving policy in Nigeria should be strengthened as the advocacy on harm reduction is gaining global concern.