Creativity, Locus of Control and Risk Tolerance as Predictors of Students’ Entrepreneurial Inclination in Nigerian Public Universities

Olutomi A. Ariyibi, PhD.


This study investigated the relationship between creativity, locus of Control, risk tolerance and entrepreneurial inclination of students in Nigerian public universities. Two thousand, nine hundred and thirty (2930) students were sampled from the three universities.  Four valid and reliable research instruments were used in gathering data for the study. The findings revealed that the combination of creativity, locus of control and risk tolerance effectively predicted the students’ entrepreneurial inclination. In addition, creativity made the highest contribution to the prediction of the students’ entrepreneurial inclination, followed by risk tolerance, which is followed locus of control. Based on the findings of this study, it was recommended among others that there should be content curriculum review, sensitization, advocacy and mobilization of support for entrepreneurship education at all levels of education system in Nigeria. Also that, to enhance the smooth implementation of the entrepreneurship education programs in schools, the teachers should be adequately trained through conferences, seminars and workshops to sharpen their skills.

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