Demographic Factors Influencing Psychological Distress among Health Professionals in Ogun State

Adeniyi M. Solarin, Gboyega E. Abikoye & Ajoke T. Oke


The study investigated the influence of demographic variables on psychological distress among purposively selected health professionals. Participants were 241 health professionals randomly selected from Ogun State in South-west Nigeria. Participants’ mean age was 38.9 years (SD = 9.24) while 106 (43.8%) of participants were medical doctors, 121 (50.0%) were nurses and the remaining 15 (6.2%) were other allied health professionals.  Psychological distress was generally high among respondents. Work experience had significant influence on psychological distress with more experienced professionals reporting higher level of psychological distress than those with less experience (t = 2.63; df = 240; p < .05).  There was no significant difference in psychological distress based on professional category (doctors, nurses, and allied professionals), age and sex. The study concluded that health professi9onals are prone to psychological distress. Health workers should be encouraged to seek help when faced with socio-emotional issues.  Management of hospitals and health care centres should consider routine psychological intervention such as assessment, debriefing, and employee assistance programmes (EAPs) for doctors and other personnel.

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