Entrepreneurship: A Viable Panacea to Socio-Political Unrest in Nigeria.

Olumuyiwa Viatonu Ph.D., Sulaimon A. Muse Ph.D. & Abedeen B. Suluka


 Socio-political unrest, being an endemic problem, has become a real threat to the stability of the country, Nigeria. Some of these problems can be seen in rise in the level of kidnapping for ransom, incidences of armed robbery, domestic, political, ethnic and religious violence. The introduction of entrepreneurship in the Western nations has led to increase in the level of employment, reduction in poverty and unemployment. The socio-political problems in Nigeria, which have been majorly caused by rise in the level of poverty and unemployment, need to be arrested in order to bring about the needed peace, stability and development in the country. The aim of this paper is to examine the positive roles entrepreneurship plays in reducing to the barest minimum the endemic problem of socio-political unrest in Nigeria. This paper therefore, made use of secondary source of data collection. The paper recommended that the government of Nigeria, as a matter of urgent national requirement, must provide the enabling environment for entrepreneurs to develop, with the needed social amenities such as power (electricity) and incentives such as tax relief.

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