Hyper-Erlang Battery-Life Energy Scheme in IEEE 802.16e Networks

Ibrahim Saidu, Hamisu Musa, Muhammad Aminu Lawal, Ibrahim Lawal Kane


IEEE 802.16e networks is one of the broadband wireless technologies that support multimedia services while users are in mobility. Although these users use devices that have limited battery capacity, several energy schemes were proposed to improve the battery-life. However, these schemes inappropriately capture the traffic characteristics, which lead to waste of energy and high response delay. In this paper, a Hyper-Erlang Battery-Life Energy Scheme (HBLES) is proposed to enhance energy efficiency and reduce the delay. The scheme analytically modifies idle threshold, initial sleep window and final sleep window based on the remaining battery power and the traffic pattern. It also employs a Hyper-Erlang distribution to determine the real traffic characteristics. Several simulations are carried out to evaluate the performance of the HBLES scheme and the compared scheme.  The results show that the HBLES scheme out performs the existing scheme in terms of energy consumption and response delay.

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