Optimized Model Simulation of a Capacitated Vehicle Routing problem based on Firefly Algorithm

Mayo Zion O, Muhammad Bashir Mu’azu, Adewale Emmanuel Adedokun, Salawudeen Ahmed Tijani & Ibrahim Ahmad Bello


This paper presents an optimized solution to a capacitated vehicle routing (CVRP) model using firefly algorithm (FFA). The main objective of a CVRP is to obtain the minimum possible total travelled distance across a search space. The conventional model is a formal description involving mathematical equations formulated to simplify a more complex structure of logistic problems. These logistic problems are generalized as the vehicle routing problem (VRP). When the capacity of the vehicle is considered, the resulting formulation is termed the capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP). In a practical scenario, the complexity of CVRP increases when the number of pickup or drop-off points increase making it difficult to solve using exact methods. Thus, this paper employed the intelligent behavior of FFA for solving the CVRP model. Two instances of solid waste management and supply chain problems is used to evaluate the performance of the FFA approach. In comparison with particle swarm optimization and few other ascribed metaheuristic techniques for CVRP, results showed that this approach is very efficient in solving a CVRP model.

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