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CUJPIA: VOL. 9 NO. 1, SEPT 2021

An exploration of ICT Usage on the Management of COVID-19 and Human Resources in China

November 13, 2021


Due to the proficiency and application of ICT, COVID-19 pandemic was effectively managed and mitigated to prevent the absolute destruction of human lives which the volatile nature of the corona virus threatened to attain; this is because the potency of ICT was leveraged on to cushion the effects of the disease. Hence, ICT and its tools are identified as the strategic hope of mankind for providing suitable tools in keeping humanity close, informed, united, interact, knowledgeable, protected, etc in time of danger that forbids mankind from socio-economic activities such as evident in COVID-19. The nexus between COVID-19 and ICT is traced within the context of health and safety (Human Resources) of people, and the socio-economic impacts. Data was derived from secondary sources and analyzed. COVID-19 is identified as a paradigm shift that dislocated normal human life activities thereby introducing new norms that altered the sequence of human resource activities, as measures to contain the spread. The concept of “e-everything†was proposed and underscored as the strategic hope of mankind to explore opportunities and navigate uncertainties in time of crisis, as evident in strategic contingency theory that is leveraged on through ICT to navigate COVID-19 in the analysis