Occupy Development: Towards a Caring Environment in Nigerian Urban Cities

Oludele Mayowa Solaja, Ademolu Adenuga


ccupy Development (OD) stems from the yearning to explore transition of
social and human development as well as transformation strategies at both
conceptual and practical levels in a democratic, inclusive and sustainable
manner. Its main goal is to advance sustainable developmental paradigm
entrenched by encouraging cautious utilization of human environment and its
resources in the context of meeting people‟s imageries and visions of a better
life. Unfortunately, previous research showed that the altitude for a caring
environment in Nigeria is abysmally low particularly in urban areas and the
repercussion is becoming evident in the harsh socio-economic challenges that
the people now face. Based on this reality, this paper advocates for occupy
development towards a caring environment in Nigerian urban cities. Pollution
Control Model (PCM) was adopted as theoretical guide. Methodology employed
includes explanatory survey design. Extensive desk work was conducted on
secondary data retrieved from current and relevant academic publications,
official bulletins and reports. Findings from the paper provided detailed
knowledge on how to promote a free and just environment in Nigerian urban

Keywords: Occupy Development, Environment, Attitude, Pollution, Urban

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