The Effect of the Use of Social media on Youths in Benue State, Nigeria

Charles Iornumbe, Ph.D


This paper examines the effects of the use of various social-network platforms on the youths in Benue State of Nigeria. It sees social media as many relatively inexpensive and widely accessible electronic tools that enable people to publish and access information either on computers or hand-held devices such as smartphones. The study collected data from 200 students from 20 secondary schools randomly selected in Makurdi. Twenty respondents were selected from each school. In addition, the researcher conducted oral, in-depth interviews with other people to supplement the data obtained from the questionnaire. The aim of the study was to ascertain the problems associated with the use of the social network platforms, and to determine whether the networks have positive or negative effect on Nigerian youths. It observes that educational enhancement and business promotion are some of the possible effects of the various social network platforms. It sees ownership of social media content, lack of trustworthiness of information online are some of the criticism of social network platforms. It concludes that social network platforms are very veritable tools to retrieve or access information as well as important tools to convey political campaigns to members of the general public. It recommends several media users to use it strictly for advancement and societal development.

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