Implementing An E-Governance System: A Panacea for Improving the Productivity of Civil Service in Nigeri

Victor Ikhuoria Azeta, Chukwuemeka Arthur Okoli-Manson, Felix C. Chidozie, Angela Eigbe


E-Governance basically comprises of the use of communication and technologies such as the internet resources in advancing and enhancing work processes in both the public sector (civil service) and other sectors. With the advent of information and communication technology, government activities have become simple and efficient. This has enabled governments to record remarkable success in service delivery. In developing countries, E-governance is still an emerging innovation. However, as a result of the general clamour to improve efficiency, quality and overall productivity in the public sector, governments all over the globe including Nigeria have embraced the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The trusts of this paper says that the statutory role of the Nigerian civil service as a tool for sustainable development has been that of declining productivity occasioned by the prevailing rot, corruption, inefficiency, lack of transparency, bureaucratic bottlenecks and analogue system of operation. The paper argues that the abnormality can no longer be taken for granted and therefore, highlights various reasons for law productivity in the civil service. Against the backdrop of this inherent low productivity in the civil service as well as the general advocacy to reform and reposition the public sector for better services delivery, the paper further posits that one of the instruments or strategies to improve productivity in the Nigerian civil service is the full adoption or implementation of E-governance system. The paper offers some useful recommendations for a successful implementation of E-governance in the Nigerian civil service. In conducting this research, the method of data collection was mainly from secondary sources and examined through content analysis

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