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Vol. 2 No.1: June, 2014

Politics and Power in Inter-Group Conflict: Evidence from Jos, Nigeria

  • Segun Joshua, PhD
February 29, 2016


The paper examines the role of politics and power contestation in inter-group
relations with Jos as a case analysis. Group conflict theory is adopted as a framework
for analyzing conflict in the region. The study found that, as opposed to the assertions
that religion and indigene/settler phenomenon are the main drivers of conflict in the
region, struggle for political power is a stronger causative factor of conflict in the area.
Besides, the study also found that religion and ethnic differences achieve sufficient
strength to provoke or aggravate conflicts when politics and power struggle are
involved. The study therefore, recommends, among others, the need to revisit the status
of Jos North Local Government Area, implement the recommendations of various
panels and the practice of politics of inclusiveness by political leaders.