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Vol. 2 No.1: June, 2014

Nigeria’s Foreign Relations under Olusegun Obasanjo’s Civilian Administration

  • Bankole Robert Olorunyomi
February 29, 2016


Foreign policy is essentially about the projection, protection, realization and
advancement of the national interest of a state. But has that been the case with Nigeria?
This paper examines Nigeria’s foreign policy under Olusegun Obsanjo’s administration
(1999-2007). It focuses on the strength of Nigeria’s foreign policy and what the country
was able to gain in the period under review. Primary and secondary data, scooped from
interviews, books, journals, newspapers, magazines, and internet materials were used.
Descriptive-analytical method was engaged in the discourse. Findings show that the
administration of Obasanjo used Nigeria’s external relations as a platform to cancel
Nigeria’s external debt, encourage foreign investment, improve the telecommunication
sector, and also mediate in conflict areas in Africa. But it is also noted that there was
no ideal structure for foreign policy making and implementation. Therefore, it is
recommended that for Nigeria to be able to use foreign policy for her benefit, the
structures and institutions responsible for foreign policy making and implementation
must be strengthened and fertilized to grow, which is largely made possible when
structures and institutions are manned by skilled or knowledgeable personnel.