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CJRBE: VOL. 11 NO. 1, JUNE 2023

Influence of supply chain management practices on building construction projects in Lagos State

September 28, 2023


This study investigates with empirical data, the influence of supply chain management practices on building development projects undertaken by estate firms in Lagos State. Structured questionnaires were administered to principal officers of the 200 firms of estate surveying and valuation in the state while 136 were returned completed constituting 68.0% rate of response. Uni-variate analysis was performed to present the profile of the respondents while further analysis carried out with correlation regression analysis. Pearson correlation coefficient was used to establish the relationship among the aspects of SCM practices and efficiency of the firms while linear regression analysis was used to investigate the strength of the relationships. Results revealed that the p-value of the independent variables are all less than 0.05, signifying that these variables are all significant to SCM practices, hence the efficiency of the firms. Moreover, the correlation coefficient indicates a varying degree of positive and direct relationship between the SCM aspects and productivity. The results of the regression analysis showed among others that although the six integral components of the SCM practices are all significant, only the primary supply chain and human resource supply chain currently have the highest contributory capacity (61.8% and 54.4% respectively) to the firms’ productivity while the ICT, finance and payment, mutual trust among stakeholders each had less or weak impact on the firms’ productivity. The study concluded by suggesting that estate firms strengthen these aspects of the firms’ SCM practices to improve productivity.