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CJRBE: VOL. 10 NO. 1, JUNE 2022

Nexus between Public Spaces and City Image: A Case Study of Akure, Nigeria

July 5, 2022


Public spaces connect one part of the city to the other. They are related to the physical elements of the city that shape the image. This study examined the nexus created by the relationship between the physical environment of public spaces and city image. The study noticed neglect which threatens the physical environment of public spaces and discourages users. The relationship assessment was based on the image of the physical and natural features of public spaces as perceived by the users. This study analyses the linkages between the uses and the physical environment in relation to public spaces to improve the city image of Akure, Nigeria and provides an insight into the user's perception of the totality of the physical environment in the context of legibility, imageability and perception to understand how the image of the city is formed. The study summarizes and interprets findings from the quantitative research approach using a structured questionnaire conducted with 384 respondents from the core, transitional and peripheral zones in Akure. The data obtained were subjected to single factor descriptive analysis, inferential analysis and hypothesis testing. The results showed there is a positive relationship between public spaces and city image. The study recommends that public spaces development must inculcate planning and control strategies and a holistic policy by managers of public spaces to improve the image of the city, effort should be geared towards creating an attractive space to attract visitors and investors through investment in public spaces.