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Built Environment Professionals Perceptions of the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Construction Industry

January 6, 2022


The advent of artificial intelligent (AI) is changing the dynamics of construction activities. Though construction firms are enthusiastic to join the struggle of AI trend and take advantage of its benefits, is still indistinct, the effects it will have on people now and in the future. And the successful implementation of AI technologies is unlikely to be easy because of the number of obstructions expected by the construction sector to overcome. The current study seeks to understand the views of built environment professionals regarding issues surrounding the AI by highlighting the drivers for and barriers to AI adoption in construction industry. The study adopted qualitative research approach to achieve the research objectives. Forty-seven (47) interviews were conducted with relevant stakeholders to gain insights into the drivers for and barriers to AI adoption and implementation in the Nigerian construction industry. A content analysis of the interview transcripts revealed that quality assurance, better planning, effective and efficient resources management, innovation, safety, on-time delivery and costs maximisation were the drivers for AI adoption; while, low level of awareness and acceptability, fear of unemployment, government policy, finance, culture, electricity supply, and operational skills are the barriers to AI adoption in the Nigeria's construction sector. The findings provide in-depth insight that can be used for planning the adoption and implementation of AI in the construction sector. Adoption and implementation of AI in construction sector would provide remarkable benefits to improving project performance.