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CJRBE: VOL. 8 NO. 2, DEC. 2020

Influence of Teamwork Diversity Factors on Organisational Performance of Construction Firms in Nigeria

  • Bamgbade Adebisi Abosede
  • Jimoh Richard Ajayi
  • Oyewobi Luqman Oyekunle
  • Aka Adefemi
February 1, 2021


Teamwork is sine qua non to the project success of construction firms in Nigeria, and the entire world. There are many factors external and internal to the construction firms that influence teamwork diversity. This paper assessed the influence of teamwork diversity factors on organisational performance of construction firms in Lagos and Abuja through the self-administration of 254 structured questionnaires using random sampling technique. The data were analysed using multiple regression analysis, correlation analysis, and mean score ranking. The outcome of the research showed that factors that influence teamwork diversity are loyalty, motivation and responsibility (5.8850), that people worked collaboratively (5.8482) and ability to handle people and supervise, monitor and ensure the implementation of the project (5.7257) among other factors. Furthermore the results of the correlation, and multiple regression analysis revealed that teamwork is positively correlated with organisational performance which informed the rejection of the null hypothesis with the effect size (F) greater than one. This established the theory that there is significant relationship between teamwork and organisational performance. The paper concluded that for construction firms to have better organisational performance the teamwork intrinsic should be emphasised and given more attention. It is therefore recommended that efforts be made by the firms to create cultural teamwork diversity heads that will see to the implementation of adequate incentives and cultural inclusiveness among team members.