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CJRBE: Vol. 6 No.2, Dec. 2018

Urban Growth Issues and Environmental Sustainability in Nigeria

  • Orekan Atinuke Adebimpe & Eluyele Kayode Peters
December 20, 2018


The spontaneous nature of urban growth accompanied by diverse socio-economic, cultural and environmental issues has constituted serious challenge to urban growth and environmental sustainability in Nigeria. The overall aim of this study is to examine the issues of urban growth and environmental sustainability in Nigeria. Causes and consequences and environmental degradation in Nigeria was examined. The target population of the study are the senior members of staff at the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency in Lagos state. Interview was conducted amongst 4 senior cadre staff of the agency, and it was revealed that Non implementation and enforcement of the laws, Obsolete nature of the laws, Inadequate awareness on the availability and existence of some of the laws, Lack of environmental consciousness, Lack of qualified workforce amongst others are issues involved with environmental degradation and sustainable development, while acknowledging the fact that growth in the urban centers is inevitable and considering the current realities of globalization, industrialization and other related growth agents. Based on this premise, this study recommends the use of appropriate policy and strategies that will make sustainable development thrive in other to secure an environment that is adequate and conducive for the well-being of the urban residents in Nigeria.