Exploring the “Man” as an Entrepreneur in Development of a Nation

Abolaji Adewale Obileye & Obatunde Bright Adetola


Over time, man has been seen in diverse perspectives ranging from the hunting and gathering society to this age of globalization as an industrious being. As a matter of fact, man has been able to influence developmental processes because he seeks to improve any situation he finds himself. Such a man is regarded as an “entrepreneur”. This paper explores the role of the man as an entrepreneur in determining the development of a nation. The objective of this paper reveals the relationship entrepreneur and development; the global perception of the role of man in developing a nation; and as well as the Nigerian perspective from earliest period till date. Schumpeterian theory of innovation was the basis for discussing the concept in this paper. Explanatory design was adopted for the study and the data needed were gathered using secondary source from highly reputable journal outlets. The outcome of this paper reflected that the man, especially the dynamic one, cannot be undermined in the developmental process of any given society which is why the enormous statistics of successful entrepreneurs in developed nations plays them far above the developing nations. Thus, the paper suggested that the Nigeria government should endeavor to create a conducive environment that would make entrepreneurs thrive for the sake of the nations’ economic progress. To achieve this, adequate policies needs to be put in place to support the dynamic man who can transform available resources into veritable products capable of yielding economic returns for the nation.

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