Mass Communication Education in Nigeria: Current Status, Challenges and Way Forward

Ayodele J. Oyewole, Damilola S. Olisa


Since independence in 1960, there has been a steady growth of mass communication education in Nigeria. However, recent studies have shown that a significant number of graduates in the discipline do not possess the requisite skills for employment. This paper reiterates the issue. It describes the current status of mass communication education in the country, with a focus on the challenges confronting it, and suggests the way forward. The discourse shows that the number of mass communication graduates continues to grow but quality is declining. The challenges identified are the inadequacy of modern journalism facilities, absence of good journalism institutes, the doctorate syndrome, inadequate curricula, few hands-on opportunities for teaching and learning, poor funding, and negative students’ attitude toward research. The authorities and stakeholders must address these issues to enable the country keep up with the best global practices.

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