Media Coverage and Framing of Cultural Practices that Target Nigerian Women

Innocent Ihechu, Chukwuemeka Okugo, Faith Amah, Christian Afulike


This study examines media coverage of unwholesome cultural practices with regard to women in Nigeria and its inherent framing patterns. Contents of five dominant broadcast and print media– Africa Independent Television (AIT), Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Vanguard, The Nation and Daily Sun were investigated while 121 media practitioners responded to questionnaire items in Rivers State, a political subdivision in the southern part of the country. Findings show an insignificant coverage of the cultural practices that denigrate women while the framing patterns exhibit a non-condemnatory stance. These unimpressive outcomes are upshots of reporters’ low awareness profile of the issue, patriarchy and advertisers’ lack of interest. Journalists will need to be sensitized toward these negative cultural practices to enhance their coverage and creation of framing patterns that favor of women.

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