Neo-patriarchy, Feminism and Dialog Theory in Nigeria

Oladokun Omojola, Yartey Darlynton


This work interrogates a triangulate dialogic space featuring neo-patriarchy and feminism - both with arguments contextualized in patriarchy. Feminism theorizes the equality of the socio-economic and political rights of the sexes. Neopatriarchy, the marginal but increasingly visible aspect of the political discourses championed by women, is not opposed to women’s empowerment, but emphasizes the preference for men as politically imperative. It deconstructs feminism and asserts that patriarchy still operates a significant knowledge production and distribution center. Using the dialog theory within the framework of the neoliberal epistemic structures, the premises of the two arguments, their sequence of argumentation and conclusions are discussed in the Nigerian context. A focus on the strength of the arguments shows a higher burden of proof on the side of the female neo-patriarchs. Moreover, their goals, rules of procedure, dialog tactics, commitments and their
institutional backings are not discernible unlike those of the feminists. Ad hominem trace is seen when the neo-patriarchy’s argument for women’s empowerment and the dialogists’ interests are juxtaposed.

Keywords: Patriarchy, neo-patriarchy, Dialog Theory, Gender, Politics, ad hominem, Nigeria.

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