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CJOC: VOL. 9 NO. 1, JUNE 2022

Data Journalism: Placing Content and Practice among Nigerian Journalists

June 30, 2022


This study attempts to provide the basis for restructuring data-driven reporting among Nigerian journalists by examining its content and practice. Field Theory and Normalization Theory provide the theoretic framework, while focus group discussions by 30 respondents help generate the requisite data. Findings show that Nigerian journalists are not only knowledgeable about the concept of data-driven journalism, but they are also actively engaged as practitioners. Discussants attest to the factuality, verifiability, and reliability associated with data-driven journalism, the challenges notwithstanding. It turned out that its reshaping and sustainability would hinge on two factors. The first is to intensify data-driven journalism training and research. The second is for government to formulate policies or popularize the legislations that guarantee access to data and make data-driven journalism more professional.