Use of Online Learning Resources by Students: The Case of Crawford University, Nigeria

Opene S. Ozonuwe, Elizabeth B. Lateef & Humphrey O. Nwaogu


 In the past, access to library holdings was through cabinet boxes via card catalogue system which took time and warped users. Not anymore. From the comfort of one’s remote location, uninterrupted access to learning resources through the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) system is now the standard. This study investigates the level of awareness and the use of OPAC services by the undergraduate students of Crawford University, Nigeria. Focus is on the challenges encountered and possible solutions. Findings from 115 respondents show that majority of the respondents, 81.8%, are not aware of the OPAC services, 97.3% heavily rely on the library staff and the shelf list to locate and retrieve library resources, 90.0% rely on their peers, 94.5% wander from one shelf to the other while 65.5% scatter the shelves before they find what they are searching for! Orientation and re-orientation of the students toward OPAC and publicity hold the key to a visible and optimum use of the system.  

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