Journal History

Covenant Journal of Communication is a peer reviewed and research based journal published twice every year (June and December) by the Department of Mass Communication, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria. The Journal aims to be a leading and preferred voice for international scholars, academics, researchers, authors, and students of communication. The Journal also aims to ensure that African scholars, researchers, authors, and students have a credible outlet to generate and share knowledge that is relevant to the context of Africa in particular and the world in general. The CJOC focuses on communication or media related research with no particular preference to any of the scientific methodological approaches. In other words, any scientific approach to doing research and writing reports of such research is acceptable as long as there is available evidence of empiricism in the processes. CJOC will not publish papers or articles that do not possess the rigors of the scientific or social scientific method of research and report writing. Therefore, all papers /articles must be research based before they are considered for publication. However, few ''position'' papers may be considered for publication if empirical evidence is supplied to the effect that such articles are part of reports that came out of the specific research efforts of the author(s). CJOC shall publish between 5 and 10 articles per edition in any of the broad fields of communication. Social science issues that are anchored on communication or any of its related fields shall also be accepted for publication consideration. Each volume shall have two editions on a regular basis and when theme editions are advertised, they may constitute the third edition for that volume. CJOC is print and online based. However, the print version shall be released first before the online version. The print version shall be sold at affordable rates while the online version shall be free access but only accessible 6 months after the release of the print version.