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CJLS: VOL. 8 NO. 2, DEC. 2020

Une analyse thématique de la déchéance morale et politique de l’Afrique post indépendance à travers La Calebasse Cassée de Tunde Fatunde.

  • Dugguh Lilian Dooshima
January 21, 2021


Several years after independence, postindependent African countries have continued to face criticisms from scholars and researchers, who challenge the strategies of governance employed by the new leaders in the postindependence era. Focusing on a thematic analysis and a socio-critical study of the play La Calebasse cassée by Tunde Fatunde (2005), this paper applying Gayatri Spivak and Achille Mbembe’s literary theories, examines the moral and political decadence of these leaders bringing to lime-light the political friction that exists between the government and the governed as experienced in this era. This article further highlights the effects of the moral and political decadence as it affects the leader as well. The conclusion suggests understanding political criticism, as an indispensable tool for reviewing and improving governing strategies in the contemporary Africa.