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CJLIS: VOL. 4 NO. 1, JUNE 2021

Library Resources for Secondary Schools in Gusau metropolis: Educational Implications

  • Chibueze, Maureen Nneka
  • Chukwuji, Charles Nwabueze
July 30, 2021


Purpose of the study: The study investigated the level of provision of information resources and ICT facilities in secondary school libraries in Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria, considering their importance in achieving educational goals.

Design/methodology: The study adopted descriptive survey design. The population of the study was 420 while the sample size was 201. Proportionate sampling technique was used. Krejcie and Morgan formula table for determining sampling size was used. Two research questions guided the study. Data was collected using a questionnaire developed from the reviewed literature. Distributed questionnaires were 201 out of which 162 (80%) were returned and found usable for the study. The data collected was then analysed using statistical mean, with criterion mean placed at 2.50 and Robert Ho table for determining total mean score was used to interpret the level.

Findings: One of the finding showed that there is a low provision of ICT facilities. Recommendations made include that government and other stakeholders should as a matter of urgency provide ICT facilities as well as recruit and train persons to manage the libraries and the ICT facilities in secondary school libraries.

Originality/value: The study is original and not under consideration elsewhere. Its value is in the finding that school library situation falls short of the expectations of relevant stakeholders and policy directives.