Information and Misinformation during the #EndSARS Protest in Nigeria: An Assessment of the Role of Social Media

Adekoya, Clement Ola


Purpose: Year 2020 witnessed dramatic use of social media in spreading information for mobilizing Nigerian youths for a massive protest against police brutality and financial extortion. Accompanying the #EndSARS protest was misinformation which set people against the Nigerian police. This study explored social media information and misinformation and #EndSARS protest in Nigeria.

Design/methodology/approach: Descriptive survey research design was employed for the study. The study employed the use of close-ended questionnaire to elicit data from 609 social media users across Nigeria.

Findings: It was found that social media were used to listen to news about the protest, to find out the causes of the protest, and to know about the extent of police brutality during the protest. Social media were used to a high extent during the protest.

Originality: This study revealed that social media are not immune to being used for spreading misinformation.

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