Journal History

CJICT welcomes the following types of contributions:

Research papers: State-of-the-art papers which describes original and significant contribution in Informatics and Communication Engineering.

Experience paper/Experimental paper: papers from the field describing real-world experience and experimental results related to mentioned areas.

Survey papers and reviews: Papers on comprehensive survey in the emerging topics Review articles (not on a particular paper) on hot subjects, comparative study and book review.

The paper submitted to CJICT should describe original and previously unpublished works, not currently under review by another conference, workshop or journal. However, authors can submit the extended version of conference papers. The extension should be minimum 35-50 % to the conference paper. The manuscript should be in English and not to exceed 20 pages in CJICT format in Microsoft-Word. Special cases exceeding page limit will be considered. Please submit your paper to the editor in chief or co-editor as an e-mail attachment with the email address ( Proposal for the special issue on emerging topics are also invited.