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CJET: Vol. 1 No. 1, March 2018 (Special Edition)

Effect of Particle Sized Clay Extender Pigment on Alkyd Paint Formulations

  • Chukwujike I. C
  • Chukwuneke J. L
  • Nwanonenyi S. C.
  • Digitemie I. E.
March 5, 2018


The effects of particle sizes on the properties of Ihitte-Uboma clay formulated alkyd paints have been studied. The clay particle sizes studied are 75, 150and 300 µm at clay contents 0 – 80 wt. %. Xylene was used as the solvent while TiO2 formulated alkyd paint served as reference alkyd paint in this study. The extender pigments were characterized using X-ray fluorescence and scanning electron microscope. The physic-chemical properties of the extender pigments were determined using ASTM measurements. The properties of the paint samples were evaluated according to ASTM. Results showed that the alkyd paints had higher viscosities which increased with increases in clay contents at the three clay particle sizes investigated. The drying properties of the paints were generally good. The dry film thicknesses of the formulated paints were in the range of 0.29 – 0.38 mm. The formulated paints exhibited moderate settling tendencies at the 75 µm clay particle size when compared with the other particles. There was no mildew formation observed on all the paint samples on exposure to rain and sunlight. Generally, all the paint samples exhibited good resistance to distilled water, 3 % H2SO4, and 3 % Na2CO3. The formulated paint samples were affected on 3 % NH3 immersion which resulted to wrinkles. The improved properties obtained from the clay formulated paints which include thermal and colour stability, viscosity, specific gravity,