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CJET: Vol. 3 No. 2, Dec. 2019

Development of a Liquidified Petroleum Gas Leakage Detector, Level Indicator and Automatic Shutdown System

  • C.O. Folorunso, W.A. Raheem, L.A. Akinyemi & A.A. Raji
December 16, 2019


Fire outbreak prevalence is a disastrous occurrence across the globe, its causes vary but, a major portion of these outbreaks result from gas explosions, mostly caused by gas leakages in residential, commercial premises and gas powered transportation systems. A very effective preventive measure to avoid the menace associated with it is to install a gas leakage detector at vulnerable locations. Difficulty in detecting /managing gas level often posed inconveniences as it sometimes gets exhausted unexpectedly, when the user cannot possibly get access to buy more. This study presents a system capable of indicating gas levels by continuously measuring the weight of the cylinder, detecting gas leakage and alert the user through alarm and status display while automatically shutting down the supply valve as a major safety measure. This was implemented with the Resistive force sensor, MQ6 gas sensor and Arduino mega. This device can be used in residential premises and commercial establishments like hotels, retail shops, gas plants amongst others, while ensuring better safety of all the stakeholders thereby improving profit.