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Vol. 8 No. 2, Dec., 2017

Brand Evangelism Attributes and Lecturers Loyalty of Automobiles in Rivers State

  • Sunny R. Igwe
  • Charity C. Nwamou
December 23, 2017


Brand Evangelism  is gathering greater momentum  in the literature of marketing  although  its    empirical efficacy  on strategy development and  consumer  decision  behavior  is yet to be fully tapped.  This proposes and tests empirically   brand evangelism strategy on customer loyalty . This study adopts explanatory design approach,  and surveys 304 lecturers  from Rivers state analyses with  Spearman rank correlation . The study unveiled among other things that brand identification and brand salience as attributes of brand evangelism have a very strong positive, statistical  relationship with customer loyalty.  Brand evangelism affects customer loyalty. Consequent upon this, the study recommends that automobile firms whose objective is to improve customer loyalty should ensure that their brands distinctively  are positioned, promoted  to be top  in the minds of their customers and  provide unique meaning in different customers.