African Liberation and Its Continued Relevance to Nigeria’s Foreign Policy

Franc Ter Abagen, PhD


This paper examines African Liberation and its continued relevance to Nigeria’s foreign policy. It reveals that the total, cultural, social, economic and political liberation of Africa is one of the fundamental objectives of Nigeria’s foreign policy since her independence in 1960 till date. In upholding the foregoing foreign policy objective, Nigeria committed moral, material and financial assistance to various liberation movements in some African countries still under any form of colonization or foreign domination. Nigeria was also the brains behind the formations of OAU in 1963 and ECOWAS in 1975 which also served as veritable platforms for Nigeria to further struggle for the liberation of these countries, such as Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe etc. This sacrifice and commitment made by the Nigerian government resulted to liberate them from their former colonies. Equally, Nigeria also gave financial and technical support to these newly independent (liberated) African countries to take-off. It concludes that Nigeria has played and will continue to play the role of a big brother in the African continent.

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