Policy Options and StrategiesTowards a Resolution of Farmers -Nomadic Cattle Herders Conflicts in Nigeria

Patrick I. Ukase, Ph.D, Thaddeus T. Ityonzughul,Ph.D


Farmers-Herders’ crisis is one of the most raging resource wars in the 21st century. This justifies why the dominant news items in international, national, and local newspapers carried captions relating to the said conflict. Some of these captions are: “Nigerian Army Deployed to State Rocked by Deadly Herdsmen Violence”, End Killings by Herdsmen Now, Ohaeneze charges Buhari”, Declare Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists Now – Southern, Middle Belt Leaders charge Buhari”, and “Mass Burial for 73 Nigerian Farmers Killed in Herder Clashes”, among other headlines. Even with the above lamentations, Farmer-herders’ conflict persists in Nigeria and Africa from a broader perspective. In this connection, this study charts the policy option/strategies towards a resolution of farmers-nomadic cattle herders’ conflict in Nigeria. To do this effectively, the study investigates the historical perspective of the conflict under review. It also discusses the causes of the farmersnomadic cattle herders’ conflict in Nigeria. Following this, the paper unravels the effects of the conflict on the Nigeria State as well as the previous and present efforts at resolving the conflict. The study concludes that so far, all efforts made at resolving the farmers-herders’ conflicts have ended in futility because this conflict is witness almost on daily basis in the country. The study recommends the herders to engage in ranching as the best option in addressing this societal malady. All these have been done using the historical methodology.

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