Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa and Nigeria’s Foreign Policy: Rethinking Nigeria’s Afro-Centric Foreign Policy Posture

Oluwaseyi Ogunnowo & Segun Joshua


This study advocates for a review of Nigeria’s foreign policy from its afro-centric posture in response to the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa. The xenophobic attacks in South Africa have drawn the focus of state and non-state actors in the international system. Among other nationals, the attacks in South Africa have been against Nigerians. A total of 121 Nigerians have been killed since February 2016. Nigeria’s response to these attacks have been conservative and more declaratory than retaliatory, casting her as a weak country in the realm of international politics. This study makes use of secondary data from academic journals, books and newspapers. The study also adopts political realism as its theoretical framework. This study takes the position that Nigeria’s foreign policy should be reviewed from her afrocentric posture, to gaurantee the protection of her interests specifically the lives of her citizens in diaspora.

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