Crime Management on Construction Site: A Study of Ogun State, Nigeria

Uche Emmanuel Edike, Ayeni Babatunde


Crime impacts the success of a project and diminishes the potential profitability of a project under construction and it is a considerable problem in the construction industry. In view to improving construction site security management practices and mitigating security threats on construction site, the study assesses the crime management practices on construction site. A survey of 122 purposively sampled stakeholders resulted in 93 valid structured questionnaires comprising 52 contractors and 41 consultants. Data were analysed using mean score and Man-Whitney U test through IBM Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20. The study found that the most commonly used construction site security management components are inventory of tools, materials and equipment with mean scores of 4.58, 4.53 and 4.49 respectively. The use of security tools such as CCTV and alarms systems as site security management practice is the least practice adopted with Mean Score of 1.33. The perceptions of contractors and consultants on the application of crime management components on construction site are the same. Construction site security model is proposed in the study and considered essential for setting up construction site, inspecting ongoing projects, and investigating crime on the event of any occurrence.

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