Effects of Sustainable Lighting Strategies on Users’ Patronage of Visual Art Centres in Lagos, Nigeria



This paper set out to identify the relationship between the sustainable design of lighting within a visual art centre and its effect on the patronage of users in the study area. The study employed a mixed methods approach using case study analysis and questionnaires to collect data. In the course of research two art galleries namely; Nike Art gallery and Hour glass art gallery were compared with the prior deemed to be more sustainable with its integration of lighting; and the results of the amount of patronage compared to determine if the effect of sustainable lighting strategies on user patronage was indeed significant if existent at all. The study at the onset, hypothesised that an art centre integrating more sustainable lighting strategies can be expected to demand more patronage from users as the users are intuitively attracted to the benefits of such a design. Upon completion of the paper it was concluded that the levels of patronage observed did not vary greatly between either gallery. The study recommends further studies on a larger scale to arrive at more generalisable conclusions

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