Conflict Management Practice among Stakeholders in Construction Project Delivery

Innocent Chigozie Osuizugbo & Tope Femi Okuntade


Conflict is a natural phenomenon among people, groups, and organisations. Due to the unique and complex nature with different parties, conflict is inescapable in most construction projects. These complexities and unsure nature of construction projects need effective stakeholder management approaches to contain conflicting stakeholder interests and to build coexistence among construction and ensure attainment of overall organisational goal. Little consideration has been given to stakeholders’ conflict management strategies in construction project delivery. This study seeks to investigate stakeholders’ conflict management practices in the construction project delivery using Lagos as the study area. The study adopted survey research method. Questionnaires were distributed to the targeted population. A total of 192 respondents’ data were found to be valid and appropriate for the analysis which represents 76.8% response rate. Data obtained were analysed using frequency, percentages, mean score, ranking, spearman rank correlation and ANOVA. The findings of the study revealed that, “be aware causes and result”, “negotiation”, “take steps to deal with the causes”, “establish cooperative goals” and “mediation” were the most used conflict management strategies in construction project delivery. Likewise, “absence of adequate institutional framework”, “fear of change”, “inadequate planning and preparation”, “misunderstanding and loss” and “lack of awareness in alternative dispute resolution (ADR)” were agreed to be the major challenges to a conflict management process. The t-test result shows that there is a strong agreement (P < 0.05 t=2.09, 2.03) between the opinions of the construction stakeholders on the conflict management techniques and challenges. The study recommended that construction stakeholders should be conversant with the various conflict management techniques at their disposal to maintain a coexistence attitude among themselves.

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