Assessment of Procurement Methods Based on Clients Selection Criteria in Ogun State, Nigeria

Dele Samuel Kadiri, Oluwatosin Michael Ogunkola


One of the reasons given for the poor performance of the construction industry is the use of inappropriate procurement arrangements. Thus, the selection of an appropriate method is critical to construction projects’ success. This paper therefore examined the procurement methods adopted by clients in Ogun state, Nigeria and determined the criteria influencing their adoption. Structural questionnaire were administered on 50 project participants out of which 40 copies were found to be suitably completed and used for data analysis. Statistical techniques like mean score, frequency counts and percentages were used to present and analyse the data. The results showed that Traditional Contract was still the preferred method in Nigeria by both public and private clients while Direct Labour was preferred by private individual clients. The major criteria desired by clients for selecting Traditional Contract method were clients’ familiarity and ability of the method to offer competitive bids. Similarly, Design and Build was mostly desired when time is of the essence, when early start on site is required, for projects with high level of technicality and sensitivity and for risk avoidance. Management Contracting was mostly desired for quality assurance and to enhance responsibility of the building team.

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