Builders’ Supervisory Competencies and Productive Performance of Artisans: The Significance of Experiencein Nigeria Construction Industry

Anthony Okwogume Ujene & Isaac Abiodun Odesola


The study provided insight into how Builders’ supervisory competencies influence the productive capabilities of construction artisans with a view to enhancing construction projects outcome in Nigeria, by evaluating the application of builders’ supervisory functions, productive knowledge utilisation of artisans supervised by Builders and the relationship between Builders supervisory functions and productive knowledge of artisans. The survey utilized data from 84 copies of structured questionnaire received from 140 project managers. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. It was found that Builders’ supervisory functions vary among levels of experience, while productive knowledge of artisans varies among the various experiences of the supervisors. Significant correlations exist among some artisanal productive knowledge and supervisory functions of builders. It was concluded that the competencies of builders increase with increased job experience, while the productive knowledge utilized by artisans increased with increase in the supervisory competencies of supervisors, therefore if the experience of a builder is not considered before assigning complex jobs and if project managers ignore the level of the productive competence of artisans before assigning supervisors, the optimum project outcome may not be realized. It is recommended that developers and project managers should adequately assess the experience of a builder before assigning supervisory functions on complex jobs. They should take the artisans’ productive competence into consideration before assigning supervisors, so as to achieve desired project outcome. Professional bodies should provide enabling environment for retraining and increasing the experience and supervisory competence of builders.

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